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Berkeley College was recently added to the list of for profit colleges that misled new students to boost profits. If you attended Berkeley College you may qualify for more than one forgiveness program.

Berkeley College Facing Lawsuit From Consumer Affairs

In October of 2018 the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs filed a lawsuit against Berkeley College. The lawsuit alleges that Berkeley College, like many other colleges that exist to turn a profit, misled potential students in numerous ways.

The accusations state that over 4000 former students of Berkeley have lodged formal complaints against the school. Some students are claiming that school recruiters lied about employment rates of graduates and an undercover investigation supports that claim. An agent, posing as a student seeking a college, was told by a recruiter that 96% of graduates are immediately employed while in reality the rate is only 29%.

In addition to misleading students about their employment rates Berkeley is also being investigated for steering students into student loans that benefit the bottom line of the school. The enrollment offices were tricking new students into borrowing directly from the college when cheaper loans were available through the federal government. Berkeley is also accused of trying to collect money from students that was no longer owed by posing as a collections agency.

The good news is that you don’t have to be scammed to qualify for student loan forgiveness through the United States Department of Education. Call us now to see how we can help you with your student debt troubles (702) 840-5340

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